I want to search for multiple documents name/title in EQL report and then get a combined result

I am trying to search an eql code in which after taking multiple doc name as input in the text field I need to get a combined result for all individual name. For eg when I put the doc name 'XYZ' and 'ABC' individually in separate field (then hit search) I should get combined resut for both XYZ and ABC as shown in attached pic. Is this possible using 'Define Paramaters' tab and if yes then how?

  • Here is an example of how to do multiple searches against a single column in eQL:

    START WITH Document
    IsTemplate = 'N'
    AND (
    Code = @Code1
    OR Code = @Code2
    OR Code = @Code3
    OR Code = @Code4

    * * * *

    In this case, the parameter is just text, so you don't really need to do anything on the Define Parameters tab. You could optionally go there and change the parameter labels that the user sees. Note that in this example, the parameter checks using OR and are grouped together so that the isTemplate = 'N' AND . . . part is always checked.

    Alternatively, you could use Code LIKE @Code1 OR . . . instead of =. This would not change the output unless the user included a wildcard (% or *). If a wildcard was used in one or more of the Code parameters it would find more matches. Without a wildcard it would have to be an exact and complete match just as with =.

    Finally, FYI you could use FREETEXT to input multiple values into a single parameter and get the matches that way. Then you wouldn't be limited to a specific number of input values, as in the eQL above. But FREETEXT requires full-text indexing (your DBA's might say no) and is best left for another time.

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