eQL for when file is "Not required" when Suitability Status is also "Not required"

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I require some help with an eQL statement. I have created one that searches if a container has a file, with the result showing Yes or No (see below line-grab):

CASE Files.InDefaultVisibleScope WHEN 'Y' THEN 'Yes' ELSE 'No' END

Is there a way of linking this to the container's Suitability Status field, so that when someone has selected a Suitability Status of "Not required" then the file result also appear as "Not required" instead of just Yes or No? Basically, if someone has said that there will never be a file needed for a container, the report (eQL) should say so, rather than Yes or No. At the moment, I have to manually change "No" to Not required" for those containers marked accordingly.

I do hope this makes sense!

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