Brava 7.2 & eB 15.6

Hi folks

We wish to get Brava 7.2 running with 15.6

Its all installed but I need the values for the BravaCabVer and BravaClsId settings.

I dont seem to be able to find them anywhere :(


  • Hi,

    Brava7.1 is the version supported with eB15.6.1. A higher version might work but it is not currently the supported version for eB15.6.1.

    But if you want to test eB with  Brava 7.2 , Do the following to locate the CLSID (see attached screenshot ):

    1  open registry editor and search for the Registry key "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\BravaClientXWrapper.BravaClientXWrapper". Under it you will find a CLSID field with the information.

    2. The version number in Web.config does not seem to prevent Brava from working in eB. I changed mine to 7,2,0,28 and it still worked although I have 7,1,0,29 as my Brava Server.

    let us know if this helps.



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  • Thanks Roberto

    We are using BravaEnterprise.NET 7.2

    I assume this is the correct platform as I seem to get 404 or 500's back from the web server when I try to open a file in brava.

  • Here is my full Brava section of web.config. The URL should be  to the Bravaserver; I will check documentation to see if there is an error. Are you refering to documentation from the Community or from the downloaded software?

    One bit of information that has been an issue for other users is to make sure that URL does not have a slash "/" at the end. That will break your Brava.



        <setting name="BravaUrl" serializeAs="String">


           <!-- Insert url of Brava! server here -->


         <setting name="BravaCabVer" serializeAs="String">



         <setting name="BravaClsId" serializeAs="String">



         <setting name="MarkupSecurityGroup" serializeAs="String">




         <setting name="ExportNameFormat" serializeAs="String">

           <value>Reviewed Files - {0}</value>


         <setting name="ExportCopy" serializeAs="String">



         <setting name="MarkupNameFormat" serializeAs="String">

           <value>MARKUP - {0}</value>


         <setting name="Watermark" serializeAs="String">

           <value />


         <setting name="WatermarkOpacity" serializeAs="String">

           <value />




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  • Just noticed the Communities editor added some funny characters to the section I pasted. Can you send me your email and I will send you a txt attachment without any garbage?


    Address: Bentley | 10052 Mesa Ridge Court Suite
    100 | San Diego | CA | 92121 | USA

  • The documentation I  was referring to was the 15.6 eB  "Implementation Guide"  Page 84

    "3. Inside the <value> </value> element, enter the URL of the Brava Viewer's virtual directory."

    Is this referring to the ActiveX//viewer directory ? im just not sure :(

    Surely this has to point to something meaningful hence I was wondering from your config what is in you "Bravaserver" directory?


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