Mail Formatting

The MailDistribution Service was modified to allow custom formatting of mail messages.


Traditionally, the resource [an .xslt file] used to format the email was always loaded from an internal application resource. The modified MailDistribution Service will look for resource files (.xslt) in its Engines subdirectory, if no .xslt file exists the internal resource are used.


Update the e-mail formats:

  1. Create the directory MailDistribution under the eB\Server\Engines directory, using defaults the location is c:\Program Files\Enterprise Informatics\eB\Server\Engines\MailDistribution.

  2. Copy the .xslt files from into this new directory, choose either the ‘NoDate’ examples or ‘Original’ files* The .xslt files should be directly under the MailDistribution directory.

  3. Restart the eB Mail Distribution Service in SMC


* There are two sets of .xslt files included in, the ones in ‘NoDate’ subdirectory have the dates removed and show customization, the ones in ‘Original’ subdirectory are the same as the Internal resources and are included as examples.