AddressBase Loader introduced to Enquiry Manager

Ordnance Survey is replacing AddressPoint with AddressBase which gives detailed information for individual land and property units and also integrates with the National Street Gazetteer.  As a result, an AddressBase process has been added to Enquiry Manager to allow for the loading of AddressBase files. The AddressBase files are available in two formats: GML (Geography Markup Language) version 3.2.1. or CSV. The load process will only handle CSV format files.

Enquiry Manager has been modified to accommodate the AddressBase data set, retaining the existing functionality and providing new features as a result of additional address details provided.  AddressBase data will include both English and Welsh address details so functionality has been provided to translate the address from one language to the other.

The PEM API has also been modified to handle AddressBase data.  (Note: The existing procedures can still be used, and work as currently defined).

For more detailed information about the changes to Enquiry Manager and instructions on how to configure the loader please see the release notes for Enquiry Manager fix 8