Network Manager fix 27

Users of please note that Network Manager fix 27 is being withdrawn from our download site.  If you have downloaded it but not yet applied it please discard this fix.  It will be replaced by fix 39 in due course.  If you have already applied fix 27, it does not need to be removed – fix 39 can be applied on top of it when it is available.

The reason fix 27 is being withdrawn is that we have found in some cases, some users were not able to see all the layers they had previously seen in Locator.  It doesn’t seem to affect all layers.  If you are seeing this after applying fix 27, the workaround is:


    • Go into the Themes form (GIS0010)
    • Query back the affected themes in turn
    • Remove all roles from the theme
    • Save
    • Reapply the roles
    • Save again

Users may need to reboot to see the changes.

If there are any problems with Locator even after the workaround has been applied please raise a Service Request with Support in the usual manner and we will investigate further.