End of Public Updates of Java SE 8

This notice applies to all current Exor users. We have been made aware that Oracle has issued the following notice for end of public updates of Java SE 8

Java SE 8 is going through the End of Public Updates process for legacy releases.  Oracle will continue to provide free public updates and auto updates of Java SE 8, until at least the end of December 2020 for Personal Users, and January 2019 for Commercial Users. Personal Users continue to get free Java SE 8 updates from Oracle at java.com (or via auto update), and Commercial Users continue to get free updates to Java SE 8 from OTN for free under the BCL license. Starting with the April 2019 scheduled quarterly critical patch update, Customers can access updates to Java SE 8 for commercial use from Oracle through My Oracle Support and via corporate auto update where applicable (Visit My.Oracle Support Note 1439822.1 - All Java SE Downloads on MOS – Requires Support Login) 

As commercial users there may be a cost impact to you starting with the April 2019 scheduled quarterly Java SE 8 critical patch update. You should contact Oracle or your internal IT department to assess and confirm this cost. This applies to all users regardless of whether you are running on premise or on the Bentley hosted services.

Unfortunately this is a decision by Oracle to introduce these new charges and is outside the control of Bentley Systems. We are currently working towards a release of Exor that will reduce and ultimately remove our dependency on Oracle forms and therefore this Java SE 8 technology. The first phase of this work is now complete and we have released AWLRS which is our new web based Network and NSG editing tool. Our development team is now focused on phase two which will deliver the asset registry  in this new technology stack followed by TMA and Maintenance Manager in later phases.

A more complete update for the Exor Roadmap will follow shortly.

Russell Page | Business Development Director

Bentley Systems