Street Works Product Update and Commitment to Street manager

Please see email below from Lee Jackson, product manager.

Dear User,

I am writing to provide you with a product update on the Exor TMA Manager solution from Bentley Systems.

We have been placing considerable investment into the heritage Exor brand moving it towards the new AssetWise solution and want to reassure you of our continued commitment to you and the Street Works Business as it moves into the new DfT Street Manager vision.  

Over the last year we have expanded our AssetWise LRS solution to manage NSG street data. The England and Wales phase of this is expected to be released at the end of this month. I am particularly excited about this as it delivers a new spatial user interface based on the very latest technologies. You can view  a recording of a Tech Talk we held to demonstrate this HERE. Your feedback is very welcome.
The NSG data forms the foundation for Street Works and this is just the first of several releases that will transform our user experience.  AssetWise is currently being further enhanced to incorporate TMA data management, and our Road Space Event Management capabilities developed closely with Highways England. This new spatial approach to your day to day activities will make your planning and coordination tasks easier and much more efficient.

Initially we will be releasing features to cover the main works register form, providing EToN 6 data for users who will continue to work in Wales, and those with a need to view historic EToN data once transitioned to Street Manager. AssetWise shifts user workflow from rudimentary textual forms to a powerful map driven interface with search capabilities. Through this new interface, we will be providing a spatially driven works noticing wizard that automatically detects the noticing regime of a street and sends EToN 6 or Street manager notices as appropriate. In addition, the wizard will allow you to bulk create and notice multiple works records in one hit, with options to refine the data for each record prior to official transmission, vastly reducing time spent by users to create and notice records on a street by street basis for every project.
Subsequent sprint releases will:
• transition the remaining features from TMA Manager forms
• adapt our fully inclusive TMA mobile offering for Street Manager
• provide powerful analytical and reporting capabilities
• enable highway authorities around the globe to utilise and invest in the capabilities
• integrate with other Bentley solutions with strong essence of BIM and Smart Cities in mind

In Parallel with this new development we are also carefully considering the implications of the DfT Street Manager Project. As you are most likely aware the beta development phase of the DfT Street Manager project is in full swing and we decided to take this opportunity to let you know our thoughts, what we've been working on, and how we intend to help you transition to the new street works noticing regime.
We say 'intend' as the Street Manager project is extremely complex and as things currently stand, the lack of detailed and quality information about its scope, capability roadmap, and particularly the new data structure, make adapting and developing software extremely difficult if not impossible. However, one thing is for certain, it is happening and the DfT plan to migrate the first users during the Private Beta phase starting in May 2019. We’d like to assure you that Bentley are wholly committed to working with the DfT, our user base, and wider the industry to develop the next generation of Road Space Management technologies as soon as practicably possible.
We have closely followed the Street Manager project since its inception, attending various briefings and workshops with the DfT, industry events, 1-to-1 meetings with users, and anywhere else where we think more information could be brought to light. However, we need your help to not only make Street Manager successful, but to also develop and adapt the right technology for your needs, ensuring street works remain to be coordinated effectively and ultimately avoid any unnecessary increase in safety risks. If you have any relevant information about Street Manager (no matter how trivial), questions, or simply want to discuss Street Manager and Bentley software in more detail, please contact myself via +447977495219 or email
If you want to know more about Street Manager we welcome your questions, and strongly encourage you to view the information shared by HAUC (UK) on their news feed HERE and join the very informative and collaborative DfT Street Manager SLACK channel using THIS invitation link.
For more information about these advances and to collaborate on the next development sprints, please join our upcoming Tech Talks and Special Interest Groups that will be held every 4-6 weeks.

Kind Regards,

Lee Jackson | Product Manager
Bentley Systems (UK) Ltd
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