End of Support - Exor 4.5

Product end of support notice

Notice Issued 15 August 2019 by Russell Page, Senior Director, Business Development

Bentley announces the end of full support for all Exor Heritage Brand software with a Product Version number of less than From 31 Dec 2019.

Bentley strongly recommends all Exor application users migrate/upgrade to the most recent version of our Exor Heritage Brand Software available to maintain the highest level of security and support.

For information regarding current versions and supported operating systems and Third Party Components please refer to the Exor Certification Matrix, which can be downloaded from the Bentley Communities. See Link here


We will continue to offer limited support for the Product version as follows:

Support for Telephone and Portal queries will still be available for:  

  • Answering user questions
  • Workarounds where possible
  • Advice on Migration and/or Upgrade plans

 Support will not be available for:

  • Bug Fixing
  • Backporting of Fixes
  • Enhancements

There will be no support for any product versions prior to V4.5.0.0 after this date.

User Action

Users should contact their Account Manager or Exor Heritage Brand Professional Services representative for information and advice on planning Migrations or Upgrades.