Exor Release Announcement

Announcing Exor 

Russell Page, Senior Director, Business Development

Exor is being made available to all Exor users in a phased release. This is primarily a technology release that provides certification against Oracle 12c. This technology release also provides the option to implement Exor using Oracle standard edition for most users.

A full certification matrix for this release can be found on the Bentley Communities site here.  You will need to login to Communities to download it, by clicking the little 'person' icon on the top right and logging in with the same credentials used to log Service Requests.

As we move forward beyond Version 4.8, we will be phasing out the classic Exor UI in favor of the new Assetwise user interface that has been well received by early adopters. A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required to run the classic Exor UI.  Bentley has tested the classic Exor UI using Oracle JRE 1.8. From April 2019 users of this technology will require an Oracle subscription to continue receiving Java updates. We have, therefore, also tested the classic Exor UI using Amazon Corretto JRE 1.8 which is free.  Please see the certification matrix for version numbers and details.  

The release of will be completed in three phases over the remainder of 2019 and you will be notified as each phase is released. 

Phase 1 

  • Core     
  • AssetWise Linear Referencing Services 1.2 (excluding NSG)
  • Transportation Intelligence Gateway              
  • Map Capture (Bentley Map Version)

Phase 2

  • AssetWise Linear Referencing Services 1.2 (including new UI for NSG) 
  • Schemes Manager
  • Traffic Interface Manager                      
  • Accident Manager (Data management capabilities only no analysis)

Phase 3

  • TMA (Including Mobile)               
  • Information Manager (Including work trays)
  • Maintenance Manager (including Contractor and Financial interface Manager)
  • Public Inquiry Manager
  • Network Event Manager

 As outlined in the recent update issued to all UK users please be aware of the following.

  • will be the final release of TMA
  • Exor UKPMS is no longer accredited and will not be released at
  • AssetWise Linear Referencing Services replaces Spatial Manager. Spatial Manager is not compatible or supported in
  • Structures Manager will not be released at and will be replaced by AssetWise Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM) which provides more powerful hierarchical inspection capabilities more suited for structures type assets.

Version is an exciting release that begins to transition you into the Bentley AssetWise solution. We encourage all users to make sure they are on now to make this transition easier or are in discussions with their Bentley Account Manager to prepare for the upgrade directly to from earlier versions.