Bentley Assetwise Update for Exor Users

Please see below an announcement from Russell Page about Exor products.

Dear Exor user.

Bentley continues to invest in technology that helps our users realize a full lifecycle asset management strategy.  This strategy is based on best practices that have been evolving globally.   It brings together the Bentley portfolio of Open Roads, ProjectWise and AssetWise in a connected data environment that delivers a Digital Twin of road infrastructure in a way that no other single vendor can offer.

 As an Exor user you are part of the global  AssetWise community and as we start to roll out new AssetWise capabilities I wanted to make sure you are aware of what this means for you so that you can plan accordingly and also so that you can recognize some of the exciting opportunities that AssetWise can bring to your Strategic Asset Management strategy moving forward.   AssetWise ALIM  provides the powerful asset lifecycle information management capabilities you need to take your first steps towards a more strategic approach to managing your transportation assets

Exor 4.5 End of Support

We will be ending support for Exor version 4.5 on December 1st, 2019. Please see here  for our official notice.  We encourage all users who are on 4.5 or prior to commence planning their upgrade to version 4.8.  

4.8 Release (Technology Refresh)

Exor Version 4.8 will be released later this year and provides support for the Oracle 12C database.  For more details on this release please see here

Spatial Manager deprecated and replaced by AssetWise ALIM Linear Referencing Services

AssetWise ALIM Linear Referencing Services was released in December 2018 and replaces the deprecated Exor Spatial Manager module.  You can read more about the significant benefits it provides here.

UKPMS Vs Strategic Asset Management

As a global solution provider committed to delivering full lifecycle asset management, we have carefully considered our position regarding UKPMS.  Across the world we have seen a more strategic approach to developing funding strategies against all asset classes that make up the road infrastructure. You can learn more about these approaches here.  Considering these global advances, while our offering can support a UKPMS approach we will no longer seek UKPMS accreditation from RCMG.

TMA and DfT Street Manager 

The Department of Transportation’s £10M Street Manager project for planning and managing roadworks will be providing software that enables you to fulfill all your statutory obligations as a replacement for EToN and makes all current 3rd Party offerings redundant.  

As a result, Bentley has determined that we will not provide this functionality in future versions of AssetWise.  We are formally announcing this decision now because we respect the fact that our users need to make decisions over the coming months regarding how they will comply with the timelines being laid down by DfT.

We will continue to deliver and support our current TMA solution as part of our 4.8 release while we monitor the ongoing Street Manager situation.  We will also continue to invest in our AssetWise Network Event Manager (NEM) Solution for managing and coordinating events in the road space.  If you are interested in learning more about NEM see here.


We are excited to move forward with AssetWise and we strongly believe our vision will support you in making the transition to the next evolution in Transportation Asset Management.  This includes powerful capabilities to deliver a more preventive and proactive approach that considers risk and cross asset optimization while also providing you with the capability of demonstrating insight and time-based analysis against the decisions you are making.

Please feel free to reach out to me or any of my product managers if you have any further questions.

Russell Page | Senior Director Business Development