PEM, Set alerts on Actions Target date when it equals system date.


I am trying to improve a work flow and would like some advice on the best way to set an alert based on a trigger date.


We have a process that requires two logged notification letters to be sent before building a legal case. In PEM I want to use the Actions to track the letters and responses. I have created actions and status with appropriate priority and the system returns a Target date as expected. System version 4.5

The task

I want to send an alert email to the administration team when the target date equals the system date and thus requires further action \ the next step.

Know obstacles

ENQ$ layer available for alerts does not allow for the action tab.

Triggers are based at the point of an attribute creation, update or deletion not when an attribute reaches the current date.

  • Hi,

    You are right there are no Action fields in ENQ$ layer. But you can create a new view based on DOCS and DOC_ACTIONS tables, asset type for this view and use it in Scheduled Event.

    In my tests I’ve connected to data base as Highways owner and  created docs_act view using following script

      create view docs_act as select  d.doc_id||'0'||dac_id doc_id, d.doc_title, d.doc_dcl_code,

    ---may add more columns if necessary

     dac_code, dac_target_date  from docs d, doc_actions
      where dac_doc_id=doc_id;

     Then in Asset Metamodel form I added new Asset type ENA$ with options and attributes set as shown below:



    After doing this the new ENA$ type appears in Alert Setup form.

    In Alert setup form Scheduled Events tab I created a new event



    with query defined as below:


    This alert sends a notification if Alert manager process was run (you can check this in Process Monitor form)



    and Process Framework state is up.






    Answer Verified By: Paul Withington 

  • Thank you. This is exactly what I want but I am hitting a snag.

    I have used your SQL statement in SQL developer and committed. I can now see a view called DOCS_ACT in our test system.

    In Asset Metamodel the View DOCS_ACT does not appear to be available in Table name on NM0410

  • Hi Paul. Please could you run the following SQL and provide the output:

    select * from dba_views
    where view_name='DOCS_ACT';



    This is a test

  • Hi Fezan
    Restarting the test DB has solve the table not being selectable?
    This alert will help simplify our work flow. Thank you for your help
    Paul Withington MIHE
    Performance Manager
    Highways Asset Management Integrated Service (HAMIS)
    Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council