Daily printing of enquiries in PEM

We would like to use DOC0160 for two departments to print new enquiries on a daily basis and update the status to AI (as per feature 2 in Status Codes - HIG9110). The enquiry class / type filters the records for the teams.

The report does not include the target date. Is there a way to add it?

The report also reprints already printed records. Is there a way to stop this e.g. only printing a specific status off?

  • Hello Paul,

    In order to add the Target Date, please carry out the following process:

    1. Access 'GRI Parameters' GRI0230 (Exor->GRI Data->GRI Parameters) and query the name 'Target_To_date'.
    2. Associate 'Target_To_date' with the following parameters:

    Table = DOCS
    Description Column=DOC_COMPL_TARGET

    3. Access GRI Module Parameters (GRI0240) and add the following parameters:

    Module = DOC0160
    Parameter = TARGET_TO_DATE
    No Allowed = 1
    Description = Target Date

    4. Ensure 'Visible' and 'Wildcard' boxes are ticked.
    5. Save the form and run the report.

    In order to prevent records already printed, development work would need to be carried out.

    Kind Regards


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  • Thank you Fezan

    I followed your steps but I am now getting an Error when running the report. I set my sequence 12 as I already have an 11 but it also fails if set to 11.

    “REP-1425: An error occurred running DO_SQL package in program unit f_1formattrigger: An error occurred parsing the SQL statement: ORA--340532296: Message -340532296 not found;  product=RDBMS; facility..”



  • Hello Paul,

    Unfortunately, it appears that the form will not carry out the operation you require. An enhancement request will need to be raised.

    Kind Regards

    Fezan Khan

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