TMA inspection transactions pending send


We undertake inspections 2 year after the completion of a job on Exor mobile. The inspection loads without error and creates a 2600 notice for the undertaker. If a previous transaction has the status error the inspection remains a pending send. We catch these manually but would like them to go regardless of a previous error. The previous error may be on the notice caused by the undertaker or on an old inspection that has never been transmitted.

We did follow the logic that the old error should be fixed and resent however if the failed transaction is on our inspection it may now be out of date and render the inspection irrelevant. If the error is on the undertakers notice for example a duplicate full registration notice it would not need fixing.


We would like all inspections loaded or typed to be transmitted to the undertakers regardless of previous errors. Is there currently a way to achieve this?

There is a product option "HOLDPNDNG" (set at Y) for holding further transactions after a fail but this would apply to all transactions not just our inspections.