LSG - Amending a USRN or deleting a record

While adding Public rights of way records (Record Type 3 Numbered Streets) to our Gazetteer I accidently added a record with the same USRN as a Type 2 record.

(I've been told my GeoPlace the system shouldn't have allowed this to happen)

Now while trying to submit our data to GeoPlace we have received errors.


In order to resolve the errors and submit our data I need to either amend the USRN of the Type 3 record, or if I'm not able to do this (so far it will not allow me to) I need to completely remove the record (only closing the record, still includes the record in the NSG export).


Please could I urgently ask for help with this as we need to submit asap.

(I'm currently not able to raise a support ticket to Exor as the website is down).


Many thanks, Claire.