Spatial Export - incorporating WKT

Is there any way to incorporte Well Known Text (WKT) into an export within Spatial Manager? In my case I need to extract this information from the NHCC database in the Network Join layer.

  • Hi Martin,

    SM cannot do this because of WKT is a way of representing a geometry. Much like You represent a SRID in WKT (a .prj file for a shapefile has the projection information in WKT).

    QGIS has some plugins that convert a selected geometry to WKT but again this works only on a single geometry.

    Oracle does have a convert to WKT function through SDO_UTIL.TO_WKTGEOMETRY. However the problem is that it does not support 3D (or measured) geometries. So in the case of our networks You have first convert the geometries to 2D (remove the measures) using SDO_LRS.CONVERT_TO_STD_GEOM and then to WKT.

    And here’s an example:

    select ne_id, ne_unique, SDO_UTIL.TO_WKTGEOMETRY(SDO_LRS.CONVERT_TO_STD_GEOM(shape)) wkt from nm_nsg_esu_shapes

    So You can do the same for network join layer.

    Answer Verified By: Sarah Willis-Culpitt