HOWTO: Use GPS coordinates to locate a point asset in AWLRS

If you know the GPS coordinates of the sign, you can use the Center tool to specify the location.

Use the drop-down list to set the Coordinate system to WGS 84 (unless you are using one of the others).

Enter the latitude and longitude of the location and click on the Center button. A marker will be added to the map at the location you entered.

Zoom to marker

Click on the Edit a Layer tool on the left side to begin editing

A list of layers available to be edited will be displayed. The layers listed will depend on user permissions, and which layers are active.

Select the asset type you want to add and click on the Start Editing button

Two edit tools will be displayed, select the top one, Create asset, to add a new record

Move the cursor, a blue dot, to the desired location for sign and click

You may choose the same location as the marker, in which case your new record will have the same coordinates, but if you have better information you can locate the record nearby.

The asset attributes form will be opened, showing the attributes of the Sign Assembly asset.

Mandatory attributes that must be filled in are outlined in red.

Enter attribute values then click on Save

The form name will change from “Create Asset” to “Edit asset xxxx” where the “xxxx” is the record ID.

The dot at the location where you clicked will change to the symbol for the asset type you are working with.

(You can see the coordinates and, if there is one, network location of the new assembly by clicking on the “Locations” tab.)

Click on the Stop Editing button at the bottom of the screen

The editing form will be closed