Show Strip Map button on Assets on Routes

On Assets on Routes form when assets are fetched, at the bottom there is a button 'Show Strip Map', after clicking on it Strip Map is displayed. Is there a way to change the order in which assets are displayed on Strip Map? Also is there a way to change color of assets?

  • As per the User Guide:

    Asset Type/XSP combinations are ordered from top of page to bottom alphabetically by XSP then Asset Type, with those Asset Type which do not have associated XSP values appearing at the bottom of the 'stack'. The Strip Map be scrolled vertically to view other available Asset Type/XSP combinations by pressing the [Up] or [Down] buttons below the 'stack' legend. 


    The display colour for each row of the strip map may be amended by selecting an Item of the required Type or clicking the required Type or XSP in the legend stack and selecting the 'Modify Colour' option from the context menu, called by right clicking the mouse button. This will call the Colour Palette dialogue box that allows a new colour and Fill pattern to be selected if required.

    So the order cannot be changed and display color can be changed.