JDBC Datasource settings for a load balanced database

I'm trying to configure web mapping for a user, as Schemes (at 4500) just crashes if you don't have maps configured.  The database is load balanced between 2 servers and is configured via LDAP.  Mapviewer is configured with a data source container and connects ok.  The issue is that no matter what values I put in the WMP Product Options for the JDBC settings, it errors with the usual "Map Viewer Servlet Failed....check product options and restart".  The Java Console shows:

checkResultE Exception Caught

java.lang.Exception: cannot check existance for BRAMS_DEV

at oracle.lbs.mapclient.MapViewer.dataSourceExists(MapViewer.java:656)

at exor.mapserver.mvclient.checkDataSource(mvclient.java:4226)

at exor.mapserver.mvclient.createMap(mvclient.java:399)

at exor.mapserver.mvclient.setProperty(mvclient.java:2896)


Has anyone configured maps with load balancing db's before?  What values should go in the JDBC Product Options?

The mapviewerconfig map_data_source values are:

<map_data_source name=”dev”