DevTools failed to load SourceMap - Error Messages

I’m getting a couple of AWLRS App Server errors due to a source map load failure. The attached first screen shot shows the two error messages, taken from the browser console. The second screen shot shows the App Server kendocultures folder location and there are no .map files in it.

The AWLRS version I’m testing (v was deployed with a default date format setting of mm/dd/yyyy (en-US) and I’m trying to change it to dd/mm/yyyy (en-GB) by using the kendoUICculture option in the config.json file. However, I’m not having any luck to get it to work. Is this the proper way to do it and are the load source map errors somehow related to this issue?


  • Hello Pablo,

    According the installation documentation:

     For every <code> added, the following files are needed: 

    kendo.culture.<code>.js within: 

    [AWLRS UI application deployment path]\Scripts\kendocultures\ 


    resources-locale_<code>.js file within: 

                  [AWLRS UI application deployment path]\app\plugins\map\config\i18n folder


    Have you copied resources-locale_en-GB.js to [AWLRS UI application deployment path]\app\plugins\map\config\i18n folder?

    For further investigation I'll create a Service Request regarding this issue.