I am trying to do an export of the HMDIF files from the UKPMS module in EXOR. 

In the version of EXOR we have, there is a module called "HMDIF Export" (this module has a version of - which when you work through the module, it appears to create a template for what you want to export in the HMDIF files.

However, I don't see how you use this template to then actually export HMDIF files.

Could anyone advise? or am I using the HMDIF Export module completely incorrectly?

Anything would be greatly appreciated.


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  • OK it looks like some updates weren't applied to York's system as that's an older version of the form.  Unfortunately the 4.5 versions of the fixes are no longer available on our download site as it's quite out of date now.  Please can you go to Exor / Security / Upgrades, use the filter to bring back results for UKPMS and let me know any entries from onwards?  The remarks will say which fix it is, e.g. UKP 4540 FIX 1.  Once I know which fixes are missing I'll find a way to get them to you.

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