Discoverer Reports - Two separate databases, different tables in each??


As a company we hold two separate licences so use two separate database for EXOR, when writing discoverer reports there are more tables abavialbe in the NEDL databas than the YEDL one?  Any idea why this is?  the ones in the NEDL which are NOT in the YEDL are:-


Tma Notice Errors

TMA Notice Types

TMA Validation Errors

TMA Wors Categories





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  • Hi Ali

    Apologies this was not included.  I have added this through Disco Admin.  Please let me know if you have any more problems.

    Depending on how you use the older views it may cause issues in the future, so I would recommend that you use the IMF views as these are updated if there are changes to the database i.e new field in works form etc.

    A prime example is EToN6, IMF views will be refreshed to add the new c/w restrictions, collaboration type, Signals etc So you may find these wont be visible in the older views.  



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