Discoverer Report - how to add Inspected items on failed inspection report

I am trying to create a report to show all defects received and the defect reason, however I cannot work out how to add the reason for the defect which appears against an Inspected item. Its ok if the details are in the comments box but when they are against an item, for example item 3 Saftey Zone, and the detail is listed in the Defect text I can't work out how to show this.  the current items in my report are:-

TWor Works Ref

Tire Date

Tire Date created

Highway Authority

Titp Meaning

Tica Category Name

Tiot Meaning

Twor External Ref

Tphs Contractor Name

Tirs Site Comment Text

Tire comments

Tirs Slg Default Text

Tirs SLG Default flag

Tirs Site No

Tirs Sampled Site

Tirs Site Location Text

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks ali


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