• New InspectTech Collector Release - Support for mobile phone devices announced!

    I’m excited to announce the new update for iOS and Android will be released Wednesday, October 30.  With this update, the mobile app will now support 5 condition states on elements AND the InspectTech Mobile Collector will now be available on MOBILE PHONE devices!

    The InspectTech Mobile Collector app update will be available for download in both iOS and Android app stores on the morning of Wednesday, October 30.

  • Release Notes for AssetWise Mobile Collector v. 05.05.20

    Release notes for AssetWise Mobile Collector v. 05.05.20:
    Improved performance with syncing

    Maintenance item pictures now get downloaded with reports

    Fixed a bug with the Rich Text Editor

    iOS10.x fix for the Elements form

    Support for element segment ordering

    New logo!  After you download the update of the new AssetWise Mobile Collector, you’ll have a new app icon on your screen:


  • New Android Release Coming!

    I’m excited to announce the next release of Android Mobile has been scheduled for Tuesday, April 9, 2019!  

    What’s new in this release?


    Required fields – any required field without a value will be checked on upload

    Default values – any default values setup online will now transfer to mobile

    Dependent Dropdowns – support has been added to include these on mobile forms

    Pagination – to help…

  • New Tech Talk February 7: The Future of Transportation Asset Management

    Join us for our first Tech Talk of the year on February 7th.

    This new Tech Talk discusses the future of transportation asset management and what DOTs and agencies need to consider in order to make better decisions to improve operations. Through a review of industry trends and best practices this Tech Talk will help you identify opportunities to improve and enhance your road and bridge operations.
    • Make data driven decisions…
  • Introducing Support for National Tunnel Inspection Standards!

    The wait is over!  InspectTech Connect Edition now supports National Tunnel Inspection Standards (NTIS) with pre-loaded NTIS Elements, Forms, Reports, and XML Exporter.

    If your agency has the need for tunnel inspections and would like to take advantage of the new offering in InspectTech, please reach out to any InspectTech representative for more information.

  • Update: June 2018 InspectTech iPad Mobile Release

    An updated release of the InspectTech Collector app is expected to appear in the App Store the afternoon of June 4.

    What should you expect to see in this release?  Details are listed below.


    Ability to Attach Report to Work Specification

    Users may now directly submit a report to final approval.

    On Login - If a user has an internet connection, the sync happens automatically 

    Defect Resolutions

    The paperclip is not…

  • New Be Inspired Awards Category for Road and Rail Asset Performance!

    Would you like to increase your organization's global exposure, receive recognition in Infrastructure Yearbook Publication, and win a trip to Singapore?

    You can do all of that and more if you are selected as a finalist in the newly created Be Inspired category: Road and Rail Asset Performance.

    This category is for enterprise deployments that demonstrate excellence in the operation, inspection, maintenance, and management…

  • InspectTech Collector Mobile App Update

    An update to the InspectTech Collector Mobile app is available for download in the iOS and Android app stores. This update includes several bug fixes and a new settings option for repeating field groups.
  • Q&A from July 2016 Webinar: New Inspection Management Features with AssetWise InspectTech CONNECT

    Thanks to all who attended our webinar this week: New Inspection Management Features with AssetWise InspectTech CONNECT.

    We have compiled some of the top questions and answers from the webinar given by Bentley product expert Taylor Gilmore.

    If you would like to watch the webinar On Demand, it can be accessed here: pages.info.bentley.com/.../

    Questions and Answers from Webinar:

    #1 How durable are the tablets that the…

  • Known Issue with Google Maps

    Hi everyone!

    We have noticed a recent change to the Google Map API that has caused the map functionality in InspectTech to error and fail. Our development team is now testing a fix for the issue, which we plan to have available and pushed to your site by tomorrow. 

    If your site is not hosted by Bentley we will work with you to deliver the hotfix.

  • InspectTech Releases Mobile App Update!

    A new release to the InspectTech mobile app is now available in the iTunes App Store and on Google Play!  The update includes performance enhancements as well as a new look and feel.

    Please take a moment to look over the attached document for more details on what’s changing! 

  • InspectTech Special Interest Group


    Join Mark Mazzeo and Taylor Gilmore on February 17 at 2 p.m. EST for an InspectTech Special Interest Group meeting.

    SIG live, virtual meetings are complimentary, and attendees earn one Professional Development Hour.

    Register today for this great opportunity to network and learn the latest and best in InspectTech!

  • Q&A From April 8th Webinar- InspectTech Collector Mobile Streamlines Transportation Asset Inspections

    In case you missed our April 8th webinar, InspectTech Collector Mobile Streamlines Transportation Asset Inspections, a recording can be found at http://pages.info.bentley.com/webinars/  We have also collected and posted Q&A from the webinar for your review. If you have any additional questions from the webinar, please let us know.

    1. The distance filter won’t work if you don’t have internet connection, will it?…

  • New Webinar April 8th - InspectTech Collector Mobile Streamlines Transportation Asset Inspections

    Join us for a new webinar next week on April 8th and learn how InspectTech Collector quickly and effectively collects transportation infrastructure asset information, and completes inspections in the field with InspectTech Collector Mobile App.You can save up to 25 percent on total inspection time thanks to powerful capabilities that streamline the inspection process, combined with the in-field availability of historical…

  • Have you registered for 2015 Bentley LEARNing Conference in Indianapolis May 6-7?

    The 2015 LEARNing Conference for Bridge and Bridge Inspection takes place May 6 and 7. Join industry colleagues and Bentley experts Taylor Gilmore, Alex Mabrich, and Steve Willoughby for two-days of hands-on software training, informational best practices lectures, and networking with the best and brightest in the industry.

    InspectTech sessions include:

    • Inspection and Management of Transportation Assets with InspectTech…
  • Announcing New Release of InspectTech

    New Release of InspectTech for Transportation Asset Management

    We are pleased to announce the commercial release of InspectTech 7.4. This new release provides new features and functionality for improved inspection, maintenance, and management of transportation infrastructure assets.

    Highlighted Features and Capabilities in InspectTech 7.4

    • Expand Your Solution To Manage New Types of Assets: Quickly add new asset types…
  • New webinar this week! InspectTech Empowers Users to Effectively Manage Transportation Assets

    Join us for this new webinar and learn how InspectTech empowers users to meet their specific agency’s needs through an intuitive configuration tools suite. Whether a small change to an existing set of dropdown choices or the creation of an entirely new asset type to be managed InspectTech users have the tools to accomplish their goals. With InspectTech, agencies receive all the benefits of a stable, proven solution along…

  • New InspectTech Webinar: InspectTech Provides Compliance with National Bridge Element Inspections

    New InspectTech Webinar presented by Bentley's Taylor Gilmore: InspectTech Provides Compliance with National Bridge Element Inspections.

    The webinar takes place Wednesday, June 18, 2014 2PM EST.

    Learn how Bentley Systems InspectTech enables DOTs and Highway Agencies to comply with the FHWA requirement for element level data collection for National Highway System bridges effective October 1st. InspectTech allows users…