New InspectTech Collector Release - Support for mobile phone devices announced!

I’m excited to announce the new update for iOS and Android will be released Wednesday, October 30.  With this update, the mobile app will now support 5 condition states on elements AND the InspectTech Mobile Collector will now be available on MOBILE PHONE devices!

The InspectTech Mobile Collector app update will be available for download in both iOS and Android app stores on the morning of Wednesday, October 30.

Now that the ability to manage 5 condition states is available on the mobile app, it may be necessary for your agency to configure the proper asset types.   Please see the attached document How to Configure 5 Condition States for more details on how to complete this.

Along with the addition of 5 condition states comes the long-awaited support for mobile phone devices.  Our teams worked hard to adapt the large amount of data collection fields to a small device screen - but they did it!  You'll now notice when designing new forms, you have a third landscape option to help you design mobile phone friendly forms.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to any member of the Asset Reliability (formerly InspectTech) team.