Q&A From April 8th Webinar- InspectTech Collector Mobile Streamlines Transportation Asset Inspections

In case you missed our April 8th webinar, InspectTech Collector Mobile Streamlines Transportation Asset Inspections, a recording can be found at http://pages.info.bentley.com/webinars/  We have also collected and posted Q&A from the webinar for your review. If you have any additional questions from the webinar, please let us know.

1. The distance filter won’t work if you don’t have internet connection, will it?

This will be dependent on the specific mobile device you are using. Some mobile devices are capable of having a GPS position without an internet connection. But for some devices this will be the case.

2. What about uploading pictures via Wi-Fi from cameras that can zoom to far away objects?

Using a separate camera is still an option with the mobile device if needed. Pictures captured with a separate camera would be uploaded directly to the server and added to the report after the report on the device has been uploaded.

3. Is the software app a free download?  Can it be used on a phone?

The app is free to download. It is not currently supported on the phone.

4. What are the acronyms FRA and FTA?

Federal Railroad Administration and Federal Transit Administration

5. Is this compatible with element level bridge inspection?  And can it be customized to DOT requirements?

The AASHTO Element Level Bridge Inspection requirements are fully supported by the mobile app. Agencies are already using the app to collect National Bridge Elements, Bridge Management Elements and Agency Developed Elements. The app is highly configurable and can be modified to support specific agency requirements. This includes Agency Developed Elements as well as any state specific inventory and condition fields that are needed. These configurations can be made on the InspectTech server which then updates the mobile device.

6. For note taking: can pdf manipulation be implemented?

They can’t be used to directly manipulate a PDF document.

7. Can you "pinch zoom" the screen for an iphone 6+?

The app is not currently supported on the iPhone.

8. Can more than one inspector work on the same asset with multiple mobile devices and the inspections merged at the end?

Yes this is a supported workflow. The inspectors would each work on their own report while in the field and upload the reports separately. After the reports have been uploaded to the server the reports can be combined together to consolidate the work of 2 or more inspectors.

9. Will the editing function for the elements allow populating fields with previously collected text?

All of the previously collected data for an asset is used to prepopulate the inspection when the report is created. This data only needs to be updated for the new report.

10. What should be put in under "site" on login page?

This will be specific to your implementation and will require that your InspectTech server implementation has had the mobile functionality enabled.

11. When doing element inspections, how do you keep track of additional areas of deterioration?  For example, when measuring cracks on a deck, can you keep track of areas and have a final total at the end?  Our inspectors have resisted using tablets because they haven't been able to keep running totals.

The element level data collection tool allows a structure to be broken down into multiple segments for easier data collection. These segments can be by span or by structure type or any other mechanism the inspector finds useful. Each of these segments is then consolidated at the end to finalize the numbers for the entire inspection.

12. What functionality exists for marking up sketches or drawings for locating a finding?

PDF editing is not currently supported.

13. Can a manager locate/track an inspector if there is internet access for the inspector?

The manager on the server can see what inspections have been completed when the inspector uploads them but it is not able to locate where the inspector is in the field.

14. Has the upload feature been updated to allow multiple inspections to be uploaded at the same time?

The inspector has the option on the mobile device to upload all inspections with a single click.

15. You discussed maintenance, is there a place where costs are entered that are state specific?

Costs can be collected on the maintenance items. This will be an implementation specific configuration that can be adjusted by site administrators.