Q&A from July 2016 Webinar: New Inspection Management Features with AssetWise InspectTech CONNECT

Thanks to all who attended our webinar this week: New Inspection Management Features with AssetWise InspectTech CONNECT.

We have compiled some of the top questions and answers from the webinar given by Bentley product expert Taylor Gilmore.

If you would like to watch the webinar On Demand, it can be accessed here:

Questions and Answers from Webinar:

#1 How durable are the tablets that the inspectors take into the field?

The durability of the tablets will depend on what tablet you choose to deploy in the field. The InspectTech Collector Mobile app is currently available on the iOS and Android platforms and we are working to develop the Windows platform. There are ruggedized tablets available which are fully shock proof and waterproof but these can be quite pricey. We typically recommend to our users to purchase a more affordable tablet device and invest in a quality protective case like the Otter Box or similar.


#2 Does the app allow you to look at previous inspection reports or only create new reports?

All historic asset and inspection data is stored on the web server. The mobile app pulls down the most recent data available for each asset when the inspection is performed. The user can view this information but does not currently have access to browse all historic inspection data.


#3 When in the field and signal drops to a 1x instead of 4G LTE will InspectTech greatly slow down? Will it still be functionally workable?

The Mobile App is capable of working in a disconnected mode so after the initial data synchronization with the server, a poor internet connection will not impact the app functionality at all.


#4 Is InspectTech CONNECT Edition available now? Or when will it be released?

InspectTech CONNECT Edition is going through our final release stages now and will be available in the coming weeks.


#5 What other Bentley products does InspectTech integrate with?

InspectTech CONNECT Edition currently integrates with our ProjectWise and Optram products and we are currently working on further capabilities to enable all of the AssetWise modules to be available.


#6 How easily can this be configured to be used on asset types other than bridges?

All of InspectTech’s configuration tools can easily be utilized to configure other asset types of any type. Although InspectTech is often associated with Bridges there is nothing in the product which limits the functionality to only that asset type.


#7 Can this incorporate 3D models and drone inspections?

The area of 3D models and drone inspections is something we are very excited about. We are currently working on incorporating this functionality into the AssetWise product suite to enable interactive inspections in the near future.