Optram Special Interest Group Workshop: Preference File Creation – Tips & Tricks

Join Bentley’s Andrew Smith for the first virtual meeting of the Optram Special Interest Group (SIG) on Wednesday, September 7, at 11 a.m. EDT. The full agenda will focus on Preference File Creation – Tips & Tricks and include:

    • An overview of what is covered in the preference
    • How to view your configuration for layout, plot, date, and image
    • Additional tips for overlapping views, global and custom date ranges, control panel integration to Google Maps, and more!

Discussion will be based on Optram 5.6; however, references will be made where earlier versions need to use different techniques.

Optram SIG live, complimentary meetings address topics important to your success, enable you to communicate questions and share input, and connect you with Optram contemporaries and Bentley experts.

Register today and invite your colleagues! One Professional Development Hour (PDH) will be applied to each attendee’s Bentley Transcript.