Sketchup 2015 to LRT2016

Hi there, thanks for the add. I just had a few queries - I have seen one below but see it wasn't answered as yet.

1. Will there be a way to adjust RGB values on a texture, as it's difficult to have to either make a new map or find another texture when often it just requires a slight tone change, or perhaps the client may choose a different colour altogether. I noticed there is a brightness feature which certainly helps

2. When adding lights in a sketchup model, you export to LRT, if you have to revisit the model to make a change, then go back to LRT (even though not changing any lighting) all lights will have 'Visible light source' turned back on, which can be frustrating when you have a lot of lights in the scene. Even better would be to have an option when creating lights in sketchup would be the ability to turn off visible light source altogether?

3. Similar to the above but with textures, a lot of textures lose their bump properties and revert back to original model even though they have remained unchanged since original export.

4. Will you be able to select multiple objects at all (like shift click) to select multiple items to move at once (If a garden bed was to move etc etc)

5. Will all content remain the same or will the final product have a lot more cars/plants etc etc

6. After using 2016 when I go to change the lighting to full lighting or anything other than standard LRT crashes.

Sorry for the long list of questions, but they have been things I have been thinking about for a while, Cheers, Nick