Hey all,

Here are a few things I would love to be able to do:

  • Custom place holders - I've been able to create some cells in microstation and get LumenRT to replace them with proper models, this is great for adjusting items in LumenRT. I've only been able to get this working if the LOB file is in characters/plants/vehichiles folders, it would be great to build our own libraries or add to existing ones.
  • SDK or API 
  • Camera controls - being able to adjust the camera using inputs (like you can with other objects)
  • Video paths - having the video path in the model (like with other animated objects) and being able to adjust the key frames/path
  • Video speed- being able set a speed for the video path instead of time between key frames
  • Vehicle videos - being able to use a vehicle as a video, as in do a drive by



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