OpenRoads Designer functionality that would be helpful

When Creating Corridors, it would be really nice to be able to select an existing corridor handle when placing a new one to determine the station limits. For instance, when creating the placeholder bridge corridor in Module 3, it would be helpful if we could just select the ends of the already created road corridors instead of having to type in the stations.  If the limits are not known or handy, there is no way to get them mid corridor creation. This has been something we have needed in prior versions. Yes, it is easy enough to modify the limits later on, but snapping to the corridor would be much more powerful and allow easier collaboration when multiple designers are working together.

The same could be said when adding template drops. it would be nice if one could snap to an existing drop instead of having to key a the station.  So much is already graphical, why not this part?

Dragging and using handles would also benefit from being able to snap to the ends of corridors and linear templates especially when working with civil cells.