Whats' new with the latest release?

Is there a document listing changes, fixes & additions with this new release?

Some of  us who can download are not where we can run the install so we can't view any support documentation.

  • I don't believe we updated the ReadMe for this release. But I can give you a brief overview of the differences between EAP1 and EAP2:

    1. Several new workflows (Reality Modeling, Geotechnical and Subsurface Utilities).

    The Reality Modeling includes the tools and functionality from Descartes, Geotechnical includes the new gINT tools and integration, while Subsurface Utilities includes both SUE and SUDA. All of this comes with the OpenRoads Designer (i.e. no additional license costs).

    2. Auto Update for Annotation.

    Take a look at the Features Definition Toolbar. You'll notice a new icon ("A") than will enable automatic annotation.

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