Manage View Groups

Is there a way to sort the View Group list by model type?

Under Manage View Groups I can get close, but not quite.

    Possibly the option to move the view group(s) up or down, to the beginning or end of the list after they have been created like iPlot Organizer.

    Plus the 'Save Layout' function may not be operating correctly. It does not re-sort or change with the column headings.

    Would like to save the view groups in this order (top to bottom);

    1. Default
    2. Default-3D Views
    3. Multi-Model Views
    4. All Drawing Models Views (ascending order)
    5. All Sheet Models Views (ascending order)

    Finding the Multi-Model Views should not be a problem for a dozen or so models. It could be time consuming if there are over a hundred drawing and sheet models because the order it appears seems random. I guess one can always create a function key or civil view controls (view set) to accomplish this task.