IRD Remapper?

Just curious if there is a better way to manage this process. Problem is the IRD Converter makes the symbology default white for everything after the conversion.

There are several factors for this, including;

  • No corresponding feature definition in the dgnlib
  • No corresponding feature symbologies in the dgnlib
  • No element templates
  • Changed drafting standard and style names
  •  New naming convention for template points, components, style, material, etc. in the ITL.

 among other things, which begs the question, "What would be the best way to manage this migration process?" The objective is to at least make it appears as we were still in SS2 Roadway Designer, symbolgy wise, for reasons such as earthwork, printing, etc.

I've began working on a "remapper" VBA to take some of the old SS2 stuff and translate to what they should be in ORD. The idea was to build a table with SS2 (old) and ORD (new) objects which I wanted to remap. Starting with remapping template component and point styles, they will be remapped to the new feature definition.

Now the symbology comes in correct using the new remapped IRD after processing the import.

Just curious if I should spend any more time in developing this procedure or is there an IRD Editor I'm missing. Be nice to know if I'm even playing in the same ball park? :)

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