ORD Memory Management - 96% used of 32Gb???

Hi all,

Does ORD seriously use this much memory? All I did was create a corridor, open some dynamic sections and generate some drawings and im at 96% of my 32Gb RAM. It all happens in a very short time.

We have experienced difficulties using SS4 due to poor memory management (constant "out of memory" errors and crashes once corridors are detailed) and were hoping this would have been sorted for CONNECT. Unfortunately there's no point going to 64-Bit when all that changes is a higher memory limit that will be exceeded quickly.

Is this something that will be addressed for the commercial release? We are in the process of scoping out some projects for later in the year and have built capability for OR modelling, however, SS4 will never be an option again (based on current limitations and issues) and we were hoping ORD may be ready with at least the SS4 limitations being addressed.

  • In an attempt to test a few other things, I have created a 30km long dual carriageway corridor with end conditions and even with final corridor feature definition set it processes relatively quickly (in the order of 20 secs).

    Once I have enabled contours and transverse for this corridor I am left waiting for 20 minutes for it to process while memory usage climbs from 4Gb (which was already excessive) to 27Gb when I gave up and shut it down. This is specifically caused by 0.1m minor contours, but if I create a terrain of the same corridor with 0.1m contours it doesn't take this long or need as much memory by far so is there something special the corridor is doing to generate contours?

    Apart from the general issue of corridor process memory not getting released, is there more work going into the corridors for the commercial release?

    Also, when trying to add Point Controls to the corridor I don't get all points in the drop down list. Once the point control has been added, I can edit the point and once I activate the drop down in that dialog, all points are available.

    I'm also getting "Duplicated Nav Object Added" messages when selecting Corridor feature definitions in the standards panel and then getting no properties (or vanishing properties when I change something), inconsistent popup menu response (only sometimes appear) for corridors and geometry and corridor handles that disappear after corridor processing and other circumstances. I assume Transverse display for corridors is also not yet functional in this version as I don't seem to see anything here?

    I can attach the dgn im using but theres nothing special about it except for the fact ive imported the terrain and geometry from a MX model.fil fil file - corridor is just 4 lane IH divided highway template, although using one of mine does the same thing.



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