OpenRoads Designer Connect Edition Commercial Release

As everyone has probably noticed by now, OpenRoads Designer Connect Edition has released and is available for download. You can expect a lot of information shortly on upcoming training, webinars, availability of country kits, etc.. In addition, you can expect regular products updates throughout the coming year.


From this point on, all questions and feedback should be routed through the normal Civil Design community and TSG. With that said, the EAP2 license will time out on April 7th and this EAP Early Access Community will be made read-only later this week.


Please keep in mind that ORD is a new product and will require a product license. If you have any questions, as I mentioned earlier, feel free to begin posting in the normal Communities or contact TSG.


Finally, I want to thank everyone who took the time to work with the EAP and provide us with valuable feedback. Your help was and is greatly appreciated.