• New ProjectWise Web application connections

    ProjectWise Power Automate connector was updated to support the new version of ProjectWise Web application. This version delivers better performance and adds new features. Among other improvements it introduced a new repository to store Work Area connections.

    All connector actions labeled with ‘V2’ were updated to show Work Area connections from the new ProjectWise Web application.

    Older actions (not labeled…

  • Flow idea #6: Publish to SharePoint (Simple)


    ProjectWise projects need to publish information to enterprise repositories when design is complete or has reached a certain milestone. Usually the deliverables are PDFs, iModels or other formats that can be consumed outside of a design environment.

    We hear form our users that SharePoint is quite often used as enterprise document management system and they need to publish there. In this example we have chosen…

  • Flow idea #5: Archive Project Emails (Advanced)


    Emails are used a lot in project communication, so users want to be able to archive emails to ProjectWise so that they have all project information in a single location. This article demonstrates how task of archiving project emails to ProjectWise could be made easier by automation.

    We will create a flow that will periodically scan users Outlook 365 inbox for new project emails. It will store emails into folders…

  • Flow idea #4: Notify Reviewers and Approvers (Medium complexity)

    Scenario A design firm is working on a complex project. Project leadership decided to use ProjectWise workflows to manage review and approval process of project deliverables. Use of workflows will ensure that everyone in the project follows the same proce...
  • Flow idea #3: Send Automatic Notifications about New Documents

    Teams often need to know when important events, such as creation of new documents or document state changes, happen in their projects. In this article we will demonstrate how to create flow to do it.

    First, we must create a saved search in ProjectWise that returns documents of interest. In this example we will use a saved search that finds recently created documents. This is not a limit. A search can be a complex as…

  • Flow idea #2: Maintaining Deliverable List using Flow

    This example flow demonstrates how to create ProjectWise document with a document code. It also shows how to use Excel spreadsheet for additional data and how to handle error situations without stopping flow execution.

    Note that this flow example is a suggestion for ideas how to use Flow connector. It is not meant to provide the ultimate solution deliverable management using Bentley tools.


    Let’s imagine here…

  • Flow example: Upload images to ProjectWise using Microsoft Flow

    This post will show how to create a flow for uploading an image document to ProjectWise Design Integration datasource.

    The flow will be used to quickly create a document from an image using a mobile phone. Let’s say there is an engineer who does field visits, he needs to load many pictures efficiently and then inform other teams members about new uploads. Without flow this task would require several steps, such as choosing…