How would you use Flow connector?

What you would like to achieve with the connector? Share you ideas here. 

  • Hi Audrius,

    Our first use case : we want to use it to replace the unflexible projectwise messaging services.  The idea is to look for documents in a special state and automatically send email notification (or other type of notification) to a list of people, to warn them they have documents waiting for them.

    Ideally we want to store the mailing lists in ProjectWise, as user list or mailing list.

    (some weeks ago, my colleague Franck discussed that feature with you, by mail).

  • Benjamin,

    you will be able to sue ProjectWise Flow connector for a scenario like this. Very soon we will be adding a new action "Find documents by saved search".

    High level plan how to achieve this:

    • Create a flow that is runs periodically. Use "Schedule - Recurrence" trigger.
    • Find documents in that state using saved search
    • Send email to recipients using Outlook.
      • You can easily embed PW or Share links to documents.

    You can store recipient list in one of the following ways:

    • an attribute of a document in a known location as a separated list of emails, 
    • multiple documents with one email in attributes
    • Excel spreadsheet in Microsoft Teams, Share Point or OneDrive for Business

    There is no action to query mailing list or user group using Flow currently. 

  • Good news, this new action will be very usefull.

    You are right, I think we can find a workaround to implement a recipient list in other way.

    Is it technically possible for you, with the current ProjectWise operating mode, to set up a trigger in flow ? For exemple when a document state change, it would be so much better than recurrent task.

  • Triggers for ProjectWise are in our backlog, but it will take some time before they are ready. For the time being you will need to use techniques, like periodic saved search...

  • Hi Audrius,

    Thanks for the presentation today, it was very informative. 

    From my understand the Flow connectors are interfacing with the Connect Portal and then using WSG for file access into the datasource. Are there any plans to connect Microsoft Flow directly to the datasource (especially if we are on a Managed Services platform)? 

    Specifically for us, we want the ability for Flow to create a rich project in PWDI and then pull properties from that rich project folder.