Invoke Workflow Command by Label (V2)

Hi ,

I'm trying to use the Invoke Workflow Command by Label (V2) action and using the label as the Name of the command but constantly getting a 502 bad gateway error. 

Am I missing something?

Would appreciate your help please.



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  • Not all the time.

    On a typical flow, I have ~5 ProjectWise Actions (execute saved searches, get document file, update document...). The issue can be on a any action, it's not systematic but occurs very more often on the time slots I indicated before.

    When I request the API directly (not using flow), sometime I get a "retry-after" in the response header. Is it possible flow doesn't handle it correctly ?

    Unfortunaly we cannot use WRE server side, we tested all PWDI release and all have major bugs on this feature since Connect 3.0... (the latest Connect 3.3 removes quotes in SQL statements, which generate SQL errors...). If you get a chance to whip the developers of this feature for me Grinning

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