Feature Request: Add Deliverables Management integration

Hi Bentley,

It would be greatly appreciated if you could add the capabilities to 'get' Projectwise Deliverables Management (PW DM) information via the Design Integration connector. In particular - replicating the pwps_pwdm commands “Export-DMSubmittalsReport” & “Export-DMTransmittalsReport".

Bentley have already demonstrated the capabilities of querying PW DM via 'cloud'/on-premises services with the Project Insights tool. However, Project Insights is not pulling through the full set of attributes necessary to maintain an accurate project register with respect to incoming/outgoing documents.

NB1. Bentley have provided an unverified PowerBI connector which works but project users aren't provided visibility of the underlying requests to the datasource so unable to improve/modify them.
NB2. Whilst one can execute PowerShell commands on a user's computer to extract the necessary information to maintain an accurate project register it is better practice to do so via on-premises services (e.g., Microsoft Automate).

If anyone else has tips/tricks to automatically extract PW DM information via on-premises services please share!