Timeout Limit with Find Document by Saved Search (V2)


I'm trying to create a flow as follow :

  1. Using the action "Find document by Saved Search (V2)" to get all documents from various folders on ProjectWise.
  2. Extract all attributes I need of these documents.
  3. Paste all these attributes in an Excel File.

The issue I have is that I have more than 100k documents in my Personal Search.

When running the flow, I have an error "Timeout" as the picture attached:

It looks like if after 2min the search is not completed, then the action is stopped.

I tried with a smaller number of document and although a bit long, the flow was sucessful.

How to get over this issue ? Any brillant idea ?

Thanks !

  • Hi Paul,

    Perhaps it is possible to divide into more saved searches that return less documents individually and execute the action for each saved search? It seems it is a hard limit to wait for response for 2 minutes at most.

    Also just to clarify, are you trying to get all the documents in the data source indiscriminately or all the documents that fit some criteria?

  • Hi Aivaras,

    Thanks for your prompt answer, much appreciated !

    It's quite unfortunate this 2min delay, especially the fact we cannot manually adjust.

    Yes indeed, I though about splitting the searches - it migh be a way forward, I'll give it a try.

    I'm trying to get all the documents that fit some criteria (e.g. are PDF documents or are in specifics folders). That limits the amount of documents but still ending with more than 100k documents in the final research.

    thanks again,


  • Hi Aivaras,

    Indeed it is good solution to split the searches and works for me.

    Now, I still have one question. In the Find Documents by Search (V2), we can select the Environnement.

    It would be very helpful to be able to select also the View.

    Because only with the environnement, a lot of attributes are extracted even if I don't use them.

    By selecting the View, I think the request will be much quicker and more user-friendly.

    Is it something achievable in some way ?

    Thanks !

  • Hi Paul,

    Selecting View is currently not available through the connector.

    Perhaps you could leverage dynamic content because all attributes are available in further steps and you could cherry pick only the relevant ones. Example after finding documents by saved search:

  • Hi Aivaras,

    Thanks for your answer.

    Yes, in the next step I'm indeed picking up the right attributes I need. But the idea would be to speed up the action "Find Document by Search" and be able to say to this action " ok, look in this environnement to get attributes but extract attributes only from this view".

    It is exactly what is happening on ProjectWise Explorer where you can create your own personalize view with the attributes you wants to display.

    By selection before the right attributes, I guess the Find Document by Search would be much quicker (hence, I would be able to reduce the number of parallel branches).

    Regarding selection of View, is it something Benltey is working on ?

    Thanks again,