• LARS product line update

    Bentley’s Bridgekey product line is now the LARS product line.  Also, all of the LARS products are now utilizing the “SELECT series 2” licensing.  The individual products names have also been changed.  The name changes are:

    • BridgeKey BridgeModeler/LARS à LARS Bridge
    • BridgeKey Complex Truss à LARS Complex Truss
    • BridgeKey DataChecker à LARS Checker
    • BridgeKey DataConnector à…
  • LEAP Bridge V8i (SELECTseries 2) maintenance release v10.00.02.19 now available on SELECT

    LEAP Bridge v8i (SELECTseries 2) v10.00.02 is a maintenance release and incorporates the following fixes to itself and its component programs:

    LEAP Bridge v10.00.02


    • Fixed an error in LEAP Bridge, where if the user selects EXIT option in CONBOX, LEAP Bridge was closing.
    • Automatically minimize LEAP Bridge, when a component application is minimized.
    • Automatic bearing location algorithm now considers bottom…