• New Post-Processing tool RM Bridge View is available for RM Bridge Advanced

    RM Bridge View is a new post-processing structure and results viewer module based on the MicroStation V8i Power Platform.

    It is an optional Add-On for the RM Bridge Advanced product.
    Please install it only, if you want to use the RM Bridge Advanced product and have a license for it!

    The standalone application allows:

    • Graphical display of structure and its beam results (colored surface, diagrams and deflected structure…
  • Australian Super T-Beam Wizard available in RM Bridge Advanced+ V8i v08.11.28.02

    The Australian Super T-Beam Wizard has been added. It was derived from the subtype Pre-Cast Wizard.
    Geometry definition has been extended with pre-stressing templates and loading according AS 5100.2 - 2004.

    Several important extensions and improvements have been done:

    • Roadway definition: modeling of the deck surface with variable Cross fall and Super elevation.
    • Automatic calculation of haunches between girder top and…
  • New maintenance release RM Bridge Advanced+ V8i v08.11.28.02 published

    The maintenance version of RM Bridge Advanced+ V8i v08.11.28.02 was published.

    The new product line RM Bridge V8i v08.11 replaces the RM Bridge Professional v08.10 product line and requires the new SELECT Licensing.
    You need at least the new SELECT license of the RM Bridge or/and the RM Bridge Advanced SELECT product.

    RM Bridge Advanced+ v08.11.28.02 is a maintenance release for v08.11.18.01

    We recommend using it as…