• Release Announcement: RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V11 Update 5 (April 12, 2019)

    RM Bridge CONNECT Edition V11 Update 5 contains the following enhancements and error corrections:

    1. FEM Enhancements for Composite Cross-sections
    2. New Graphical Engine in RM Analyzer
    3. New Cable-stayed Wizard
    4. Analysis Performance Improvements for Time History Analysis
    5. Stress Leading Superposition for Action Wind
    6. Enhancements in New Cantilever Wizard
    7. Enhancements in GUI
    8. Updated Training Examples and New Videos
    9. Error Corre…
    • Tue, Apr 16 2019
  • What's New in LEAP Bridge Concrete CONNECT Edition V19? (April 9, 2019)

    LEAP Bridge Concrete (LBC) CONNECT Edition V19 ( with CONNECT Licensing is now available to all users on Bentley Software Downloads. This release contains enhancements and bug fixes. The main enhancements are summarized below.

    • 64-bit Upgrade
      64-bit provides faster analysis, superior capability of handling large/complex bridge models, and better interoperability with other Bentley 64-bit applications.
    • Support…
    • Tue, Apr 9 2019