Australian Super T-Beam Wizard available in RM Bridge Advanced+ V8i v08.11.28.02

The Australian Super T-Beam Wizard has been added. It was derived from the subtype Pre-Cast Wizard.
Geometry definition has been extended with pre-stressing templates and loading according AS 5100.2 - 2004.

Several important extensions and improvements have been done:

  • Roadway definition: modeling of the deck surface with variable Cross fall and Super elevation.
  • Automatic calculation of haunches between girder top and deck bottom surface.
  • Options for positioning the girder normal or vertical to the deck surface.
  • Variable deck width along the bridge.
  • Pier caps horizontal or parallel to deck surface.
  • Predefined Strand patterns for each Super T-beam type.
  • Load definition and recalculation as per AS 5100.2 - 2004 for
    • Traffic load
    • Braking load
    • Wind loads
    • Temperature
    • Earthquake forces
    • Load combinations.
  • See also the video( in the bottom of the blog).

See also:

Please download the attached zipped video file(10 MB), extract it and watch the video.