Bridge Engineer? Create your own 3D Bridge Models ...

Always wanted to create your own 3D Bridge Models for use in presentations and reports? Using LEAP Bridge this is real easy and ultra cool. Most importantly it is the same structural model that is used to analyze and design your bridge. A simple byproduct of your everyday work!

Simply use the ABC Wizard, where you could model realistic looking concrete bridge models, complete with Abutments, intermediate piers, bridge girders, bearings, pedestals, deck, crash barriers, drilled shafts, piles, battered or straight, footings, columns, and caps in three easy steps. The bridge model which is created is a realistic 3D model, which can then be viewed directly within the LEAP Bridge application, using its native graphic engine or could easily be exported to DGN and taken to Microstation, where you're really only limited by your imagination and knowledge. Simply compose a PDF and send the model to all stakeholders on the project. All they need is Adobe Reader (free) to view the 3D Model.

The possibilities are endless ... limited only by your imagination (and time, of course!)

3D Line Model: Showing Bridge Construction Stage


3D Color Model: Showing Bridge Construction Stage


3D Rendered Color Mode: Showing Bridge Construction Stage