Now Available: OpenBridge Modeler V8i SELECTseries 3, v08.11.12.57

We are excited to announce a new release of OpenBridge Modeler V8i SELECT series 3. This new release features several user requested enhancements and bug fixes and introduces over 30 enhancements to the product since our last release in February. There is tremendous interest from the bridge owners, designers, contractors and consultants in Bridge Information Modeling, and OpenBridge modeler is an effective tool for enabling the necessary workflows and processes.

What's New in V8i SELECTseries 3

  • Wingwalls modeling.
  • User drawn templates for column cross-sections.
  • Variable pier cap definition (linear, parabolic or circular variation).
  • Superstructure cross-section drawings for girder-slab, slab bridges.
  • Read camber and deflections from LBC and report screed and girder top elevations.

  • Additional Enhancements:
    • Abutment backwall sloped to follow deck slope.
    • Allow multiple bearings in a single bearing line for CIP Box Girders.
    • New template constraints based on user drawn construction lines.
    • Model top and bottom cover plates for rolled steel girders.
    • Isolated footings, can now be rotated individually.
    • Select H-Piles from standard list, instead of dimensions input.
    • 2 additional edge modifications (fillet and chamfer) for variable pier caps.
    • Segmental Bridges: Define for one span and Copy deck variations to other spans.
    • Model sloped footings under piers or abutments.
    • Substructure Dialogs – improved Units consistency, now follows design file settings.
    • Beam Library: New Template sections for PADOT.
    • Deck Elevation Report – Along individual Beam Paths.
    • Segmental bridges – Copy Constraints option.
    • Haunch drawn on separate level?.
    • Option to Switch Pier or Abutment Template.
    • Activate Bridge / Unit – from context/pop-up menu.
    • Access consolidated LBC library, instead of CONSPAN library.
    • GUI Refresh: several icons updated for consistency.
    • Bearing Components – Assign different materials for Grout, Pad and BeamSeat.
    • Quantities Report – Beam Seats as part of substructure.
    • "Name Prefix" Changes.
    • Pier Template Window now shows a 3D Preview.
    • Stiffener and CrossFrames – Wizard Enhancements, several new options added.
    • New OBM and Lumen RT Training Manual available under LEARN server.
    • CONNECT Advisor.


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