LEAP Bridge Steel V8i SELECT Series I Release Now Available on SELECT

LEAP Bridge Steel contains several fixes and a few enhancements to the initial release of LEAP Bridge Steel described below.

Fixes in this release:

  • Fixed issues with the directional support option
  • Fixed issue where support angles entered ad bearing were not handled correctly
  • Fixed the Run Analysis disabled button
  • Fixed standard section elevation view in Member Definition dialog
  • Fixed 3D girder localization (at end support) for certain models
  • Fixed Fracture Critical flag update – this flag was not being saved properly
  • Fixed crash occurring when member groups had just one member
  • Fixed issue with STAAD roadway definition (analytical model) when supports had bearing instead of skew defined (crash)
  • Fixed issue with girder length when end support was skewed
  • Fixed LLDF dialog icon
  • Fixed issue with extra memory request from STAAD for multi-group models
  • Fixed issue with girder elevation at the end of a long bridge (localization)
  • Fixed issue with analytical model for long alignments with non-zero begin station
  • Fixed issue with incorrect section properties in STAAD model for LL analysis
  • Fixed live load deflection report where deflection were reported in feet rather than in inches
  • Fixed “unexpected out of memory” error
  • Fixed the start/end station of the deck slab in analytical model (0.2 offset between slabs)
  • Fixed the overall 3D deck thickness causing the haunch to be inside deck
  • Fixed issue with beam section on line girder analysis (AECOM)
  • Fixed crash when deleting appurtenances
  • Changed sign convention for cross frame forces (grillage model)
  • Fixed issue with incomplete cross frame locations (i.e. instances when cross frame name set to “None”) (crash)
  • Fixed unbraced length computation
  • Fixed analytical model to no longer shift the Cross-Frame POIs
  • Fixed small deck transverse member split
  • Fixed “Mid Bracing” POIs computation
  • Fixed units for Cross-Frame LL moment values and span length


  • Improved the analytical model generation process to handle more complex and larger models
  • Added ability to specify which side of the bridge the wind is coming from.
  • Changed 3D display to show main members following the deck profile curvature
  • Added 3D median and railing display
  • Added serialization of DTM data with LBS models so this data persists with the LBS model
  • Added dimensions to the Member Definition profile and cross section views
  • Updated help files
  • Added live load distribution factor for deflections
  • Added positive and negative bending live load distribution factors
  • Changed the way PG offset and alignment offset input is handled to be the same as LEAP Bridge Enterprise