LEAP Bridge V8i (SELECTseries 2) maintenance release v10.00.02.19 now available on SELECT

LEAP Bridge v8i (SELECTseries 2) v10.00.02 is a maintenance release and incorporates the following fixes to itself and its component programs:

LEAP Bridge v10.00.02


  • Fixed an error in LEAP Bridge, where if the user selects EXIT option in CONBOX, LEAP Bridge was closing.
  • Automatically minimize LEAP Bridge, when a component application is minimized.
  • Automatic bearing location algorithm now considers bottom width of box beams.
  • Fixed an error on update from CONBOX where the support elevation wasn’t computed correctly for models with align POB greater than 0.
  • When using ABC Wizard to create integral cap pier, elevation was always being set to 100 ft rather than considering elevation from profile.
  • Importing ground using LandXML in GEOMATH was causing the superstructure to disappear when going back to LEAP Bridge. This error is now fixed.
  • For bridges offset from alignments, pier stations in LEAP Bridge are defined by drawing a normal from the alignment to the intersection of half the pier length and pier centerline. In GEOMATH the pier layout for such offset bridges uses a reference point at the intersection of the pier centerline and alignment or roadway. Please note these two stations are typically different for offset bridges – the one in LEAP Bridge refers to the center of the pier and the other in GEOMATH only locates a reference point on the alignment for the purpose of the pier layout.
  • Fixed an error in ABC Wizard, for multiple bridge definition, where some user input values for box girders were being reset to default/initial values.

LEAP CONSPAN v10.00.02


  • On the export to DXF option for graphics, an incorrect scaling factor has been fixed.
  • For LRFD design,  h modifiers  were not being applied to shear and this has been fixed.
  • Fixed an error in deck slab design, where CONSPAN was showing the Area of Steel as zero in printout, ignoring the user input area of steel.
  • Corrected an error in the graphs for Av/s-required vs. provided
  • In deck slab design routines, the calculation of effective depth, d and dc, and area of steel were reported incorrectly and are now fixed.
  • Corrections were made in the Permit Load Rating for Shear, and the results are now verified to be correct.

LEAP RC-PIER v10.00.02


  • When the pressure was applied on the columns, program was not converting the load correctly to linear load producing erroneous P-delta results. The issue was only applicable when P-delta analysis option was selected. This is now corrected.
  • When Dead load or live load load was generated using continuous beam option, program was getting terminated abruptly. This is now fixed.
  • For the integral pier, column interaction diagram was not drawn. Now, program shows the generated interaction diagram.
  • For skewed bridges, when reaction from superstructure program, CONSPAN, was imported in standalone RC-PIER, it was incorrectly showing cap length as bridge width. This is now corrected.
  • For isolated footings, even though hook was defined for both ends, program was assigning the hook only on one side. This is corrected now.
  • In some cases, RC-PIER was reporting incorrect abutment elevations when the data was read from LEAP Bridge. This is fixed and program now shows the correct elevation.

LEAP CONBOX v10.00.02


The following issues have been fixed:

  • The Point of Interest (POI) locations used to change when the same stirrup spacing was input.
  • Axial forces and horizontal reactions did not get zeroed out for Custom Live Load.
  • Distribution Factors for the girder-by-girder analysis for Box bridges were incorrectly calculated as similar to the T-beam bridges.
  • “Run Analysis” button remained grayed out after changing tendon profile.
  • "Add to all combinations" option in the Loads/Analysis tab did not work for Live Load Group.
  • The program crashed while double-clicking on a specific truck in the Locked Library Live Load Groups.
  • In LEAP Bridge Enterprise – India
    • Custom Vehicle could not be added in the Live Load Group.
    • Design Parameters values reported under the Design Tab were inconsistent with those shown under the Design Parameters dialog box.
    • Bridge width input defaulted to the minimum value of 3.35m for T-beam bridges.
    • User Input cross-section properties for girder-by-girder were ignored: program always used auto-computed properties.
  • Addition of diaphragms caused individual girder lengths to be different.


LEAP GEOMATH v10.00.02


  • Some minor changes for enhanced LEAP Bridge compatibility.