New maintenance release RM Bridge Advanced+ V8i v08.11.11.02 published

The new maintenance release RM Bridge Advanced+ V8i v08.11.11.02 was published.

The new product line RM Bridge V8i v08.11 replaces the RM Bridge Professional v08.10 product line and requires new SELECT Licensing.
You need at least the new SELECT license of the RM Bridge or/and the RM Bridge Advanced SELECT product.

RM Bridge users will be migrated automatically with their renewal of their SELECT contract in 2014 and later.
If you own only a license for the RM Bridge Professional and other dependent products, ask your sales representative or Vanja Samec for an earlier license migration to the new products.

RM Bridge Advanced+ v08.11.11.02 is a maintenance/patch release for v08.11.11.01

We recommend using it as your new production release. It fixes reported common problems of the main release v08.11.11.01:

  • Load Manager: Input of 3rd Supfile (3rd column) corrected.
  • Tendons: Interactive definition of tendon geometry corrected (usability).
  • TDF Report accessible by menu again.
  • Export of RunTCL files for all schedules, not only for active one.
  • PLSYS: Output of force components corrected.
  • RMSET: Option ALLF and DIFF for Supfiles and XLS/LST output of TSTRESS and RSTRESS corrected.
  • Computing correct pier axis position in case of bridge horizontal offset and pier transversal offset issue fixed.
  • see more in Release Notes

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